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Embryos from mares that have performed at 5* level, whose offspring was placed at 5* level or that have been bred from the world's best dam lines. All embryos are offered at fixed prices and with pregnancy guarantee.

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Our mares mirror showjumping’s current, best performers and their families. The talent of our mares and the world’s leading sires of sport horses are available for you.


Our prices and conditions are transparent and the same for everyone. Our stock is guaranteed unsexed for the utmost confidence in your investment.


The simplicity of buying a frozen embryo, the insurance, the implantation, the transport… We are oriented to provide you with the easiest buying and breeding experience. With a few simple steps we take all worries off your mind.

Arera C

Winning more than € 900.000 in an international career lasting 8 seasons

Geena van 't Roosakker

International performer herself & dam of two 1.60m performers & a world champion


Daughter of Usha van ’t Roosakker, full sister of George Z and Babbe van ’t Roosakker

Imogen de Regor

Daughter of Centa de Muze, dam of Latisha & Mithras de Regor

Vibelle Z

Daughter of Ta Belle van Sombeke, full sister of Golden Hawk & sister of Glock's London

Funky Music

GP mare & dam of El Torreo de Muze, Breitling du Paradis Z & Next Funky de Muze

Censcha (Finja)

Dam of six 1.60m horses including the Olympic H5 Quintol

Gatoucha van 't Roosakker

Dam of Tinkoucha Hero Z, Alana Hero Z and Attoucha Hero Z

MoM's Coleraine des Bergeries

Sister of three 1.60m horses and international performer herself at 1.60m level

Ulysse des Forets

5* GP mare of Steve Guerdat out of a top French damline

Breeding starts with the wellbeing of our MoM’s.

Mares are the cornerstone of breeding. We keep our mares surrounded by the best care, in the vast and sunny fields of Northern Italy on a self-managed property. The mediterranean climate allows year round grazing and the large individual stables with spacious paddocks give our equine athletes the comfort they deserve.

Is your mare a MoM?

The people & knowledge behind Mares of Macha

Pieter Devos

Pieter Devos

Pieter is an Olympic medallist, a 5* Grand Prix champion, a World Cup finalist and a European champion. Together with his team, he trains his Grand Prix horses himself. Being immersed in showjumping of the highest level, Pieter plays a crucial role in determining stallions for the MoM’s and is the liaison between MoM owners who entrust us with their mares.

Klaas De Coster

Klaas De Coster

Before founding Mares of Macha, Klaas had already bred and produced his first 5* Grand Prix performer. He is the breeder of Kill Bill Max and produced the World Cup winning Valle d’Alezan van den Blauwaert of Abdullah Al Marri.

Martine Devos

Martine Devos

Martine is the breeder of numerous 5* Grand Prix horses. Her experience in breeding spans more than a decade and Martine had bred horses like Kriskras DV of Bart Bles en Carpe Diem DV Z of Pieter Devos. Her homebred horses are rarely sold before the age of 5 giving Martine all the insight of the development of a horse, from foal to Grand Prix winner.

Frederik De Backer

Frederik De Backer

Frederik is the commentator of the Longines Global Champions Tour and Global Champions League. He is also the auctioneer of leading auctions such as Z Quality Auction, KWPN Select Sales and Verdener Auction of the Hannoveraner Studbook. During the last 20 years behind the microphone Frederik has developed a condition called Equencylopidia, meaning that his head is full of equine facts and figures.

Frequently asked questions

What is a frozen embryo?

An embryo is the result of the successful fertilisation of a female ovum or egg and a male sperm cell. A veterinarian collects an ovum from the mare using the OPU (Ovum Pick Up) technique. Then a sperm cell is injected into the ovum under very strict conditions in a laboratory, using specialised microscopic techniques. After approximately 7 days, the success of this fertilisation is determined and if successful, the embryo is frozen to a temperature of -⁠197°C with liquid nitrogen.

What is ICSI?

ICSI is the abbreviation for IntraCytoplasmic Sperm Injection, meaning that a sperm is injected directly into an egg to achieve fertilisation.

Where are MoM's frozen embryos located?

MoM's frozen embryos are stored in two locations. The first is in Italy, where the mares and laboratory are located. The frozen embryos are subsequently transported to the ‘De Morette’ Equine Reproduction Centre in Belgium. This reproduction centre complies with all European regulations and is certified for the storage of frozen embryos. Embryos are shipped to their new owners from this centre.

How can I have my MoM frozen embryo implanted?

If you opt for the ‘no pregnancy no pay’ option, we will take care of the entire procedure for you in partnership with an implantation centre recognized by Mares of Macha.