Future MoMs

A future MoM is a mare who isn’t available (to breeders) just yet. The mare can be currently competing in showjumping, or she can be too young to provide us with her embryos. The main ambition of this Future MoMs-initiative is to guarantee access to proven breeding also in the future, when their embryos will become available.

But first we let them do what they do best, whether it’s competing in the sport or experiencing the joy of growing up amid lush green pastures.

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LGCT GP Londen Aug 20221
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MoM's Toupie de la Roque

MoM’s Toupie de la Roque has won 13 international titles with wins in the 5* Grand Prix of Amsterdam and the London-Olympia World Cup. She also finished 2nd in the 5* Grand Prix of Mechelen in 2019, where her competitor for the 1st place beat her by a mere 0.05 seconds. At the 2022 Longines Global Champions Tour Grand Prix in London, however, there was no stopping her. Toupie and Pieter beat the World Champion and together they won their first 5* Grand Prix. In 2023, this duo maintains its momentum with double clears at the Grands Prix of Paris, Mexico, Cannes and Stockholm.

Toupie is a sister of 3 other 1.50m to 1.60m horses, including Daytona de Muze. A nonperforming sister of Toupie is the famous Centa de Regor, who is the dam of the 1.60m Grand Prix horses Freestyle de Muze and Horizon de Regor. All are bred out of Toupie’s dam, the Grand Prix mare Walloon de Muze, who was placed in the Canteleu 1.60m Grand Prix with Cedric Boulanger.

Walloon is a sister of some of the world’s greatest sport horses like Narcotique de Muze of Eric Lamaze, Walnut de Muze of Harrie Smolders and Werly Chin de Muze of Richard Davenport.

Toupie’s granddam is the legendary Qerly Chin. The impact of Qerly Chin and her significance in modern sport horse breeding can never be overestimated.

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MoM's Isaura ter Putte

Mom’s Isaura (Isaura ter Putte) ignited her international career under the Irish flag and made it in a short period of time to 1.60m level with Cameron Hanley in the saddle. In 2021 Pieter Devos took over the reins, and together this duo gathered numerous places of honour, such as the victory in the GCT in Madrid.

Isaura is a daughter of the well-known Tinka’s Boy and Ukase ter Putte (Darco), who is also the dam of stamp stallion Elvis ter Putte and of Favorit ASK, who is an approved stallion in Germany. On top of that, both Isaura’s sisters, Lady-A ter Putte and Prescillia ter Putte, performed at 1.45m level under the saddle of Andres Vereecke. Ukase is also the sister of J’Adore ter Putte (Rodrigo Giesteira Almeida and Emmanuelle Greenberg) and of Skyhorse (Lillie Keenan).

Isaura’s daughter Mizaura ter Putte is currently jumping at national 1.40m level with Nikolas Matthijs.

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Coleraine Knokke Hipique 2022
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MoM's Coleraine des Bergeries

Sired by a Holsteiner, bred from a French dam line, born in Belgium, named after a city in Northern Ireland, introduced by a Columbian rider and taken to the top by an Australian amazon on both sides of the Atlantic… MoM’s Coleraine des Bergeries is a true cosmopolitan. Coleraine is a daughter of the Olympian stallion Canturo and the mare Golden Dream (v. Oberon du Moulin), who is dam of three other 1.60m Grand Prix horses. The first one is Malice des Bergeries, who won the Santander Grand Prix with Jesús Garmendia Echevarría. The second, Rimbaud des Bergeries, competed in various world cups and Grand Prix competitions under the saddle of Leonardo Mambretti. The third, Coleraine’s younger brother Dreamer, placed for the 2019 Deeridge Nations Cup with Juan Pablo Betancourt.

Coleraine herself competed under the saddle of Amy Graham until she was thirteen. In 2020 Coleraine was part of the Nations Cup-team which got hold of the 3rd place in the WEF Nations Cup. Subsequently, she started competing with the Belgian rider Pieter Devos as “Future MoM” and together they reached various top ten places at 5* level, including 3rd place in the 1.55m trials of the Hamburg LGCT in 2022.

Before Coleraine started her sports career, she gave birth to a filly sired by Untouchable. That foal would later become the mother of the promising Kristalline des Bergeries. Various sisters of Coleraine gave successful descendants, such as Cerise des Brumes of Ward McLain, Ermes des Bergeries of José Ibáñez and Quicksilver of Eric Lombard.

These days, Coleraine is often seen in the ring under the saddle of the Dutch junior rider, Bethany Vos. Together with the experienced Coleraine, Vos aims to advance to the higher classes.

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Coriana Girl Des Séquoïas Z

Coriana Girl Des Séquoïas Z is a mare born in 2019 by the prestigious sire Conthargos and the famous Coriana van Klapscheut, who is praised for her impeccable technique, indestructible mentality and unmatched quality. Coriana van Klapscheut’s story has many dimensions. Not only is she a daughter of Uriana by Heartbreaker, the foundation dam who passed on those rare and sought-after qualities, but she was also a successful mare herself with both, Nina Fagerstrom and Gilbert De Roock.

In addition to Coriana, Uriana gave 3 more horses that competed in the top level of the sport: Blendy, Fenom and Farah van Klapscheut. All these mares have established their own dynasties. Coriana first gave birth to Goriana by Vigo d’Arsouilles. Goriana jumped up to 1.50m classes with Pilar Cordon and already produced top-quality performers who compete in 1.45m classes. Goriana is also the granddam of the Belgian Champion of 7-year-old horses, Odina van Klapscheut of Stephex Stables. The next daughter of Coriana gave Mugano, who jumps in 1.60m classes with Dan Kremer. Coriana’s second son, Koriano, finished 2nd at the Liege 1.60m Grand Prix with Dominique Hendrickx. Koriano is a regular winner at 1.50m level.

The continuous transmission of these specific traits, all of which are crucial for top sport horses, makes Coriana Girl a true asset for Mares of Macha.

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Amarone 2000 Z

Amarone 2000 Z is a mare by Aganix du Seigneur Z and Cassini I. She was born in 2020 out of Cephale 2000, who was a meritorious sport horse under Kim Colaers. Cephale is also the dam of super-stud Dominator 2000 Z, who has won three 5* Grands Prix and jumped at the World Games in Herning. From her first 4 foals, 3 have been licensed as stallions. Those are Dominator 2000 Z, Karman 2000 Z who competes in 1.40m classes as a 7-year-old, and the full brother of Amarone, Avenger 2000 Z.

Amarone’s 3rd dam is the full sister of Willi Melliger’s World Cup and Grand Prix winner Annaconda, who gave birth to the 5* horse Balentine di Villagana of Giacomo Cassadei.

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Hot Diamond di Villagana Z

Hot Diamond Di Villagana Z didn’t steal her name. This mare by Heartbreaker was born in 2021 out of the dam of the Olympic stallion Emerald. It is often forgotten that both, the dam and the great-granddam of Hot Diamond and Emerald were successful sport horses and that sport is omnipresent in the family tree.

A quick look at the offspring of dam Carthina, however, demonstrates this omnipresence right away. She has now produced 6 horses, including 2 licensed stallions, who were successful at 1.50m level and higher. Her daughters have given another 8 horses who have competed at 1.50m and above. An impressive legacy in a very short time span, considering that Carthina herself was born in 2000.

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Contara Alpha, Beta & Gamma

Recently, 3 clones were born of Contara, dam of Chacco-Blue. Chacco-Blue is regarded as the number 1 show jumping stallion in the world by many sire rankings, including that of the WBFSH (World Breeding Federation of Sport Horses).

Chacco-Blue was born in 1998 and passed away unexpectedly in 2012. Chacco-Blue himself performed at the highest level in his time, but received the most recognition for his unparalleled qualities as a breeding stallion. The fillies, Contara Alpha, Beta & Gamma, have spent their first months healthy and well while frolicking in the pastures.