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Know what you pay. Each time, every time! Transparency is crucial to us. That is why we handle a clear pricing policy so you can have full confidence in your investment. Our Mares are divided into 3 groups, bronze, silver and gold, each representing a price.

  • Chacco-Blue +€3.000, excl. VAT
  • No extra studfee
  • 10% discount as from 5 embryo’s
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€7.750 Excl. VAT (6%)


€10.000 Excl. VAT (6%)


€25.000 Excl. VAT (6%)

Warranty & insurance

Warranty 'no pregnancy, no pay'

Mares or Macha offers an optional 'no pregnancy, no pay' warranty. In this option we help to organize the implantation of your MoM frozen embryo. The price for this warranty comes at a 40% surcharge on your purchase price of the embryo. Until the 45th day of gestation, there are no costs or risks: if the recipient mare does not appear to be pregnant on this day, you get a full refund of both the purchase price of the frozen embryo and the warranty. The implantation of an embryo with this option is done exclusively by ETC Hans Smet, Drongen (Belgium), whereby a cost of € 2,800.00 (excl. VAT) is charged for the lease of a recipient mare in case of a positive pregnancy check on the 45th day.

Insurance 'Catherine de Buyl'

Insure with Catherine de Buyl Horse Insurance. Would you like to insure your embryo but you don’t feel like going through the entire process? No problem! Just tick the insurance box and we will get you an ensured embryo. This insurance covers all risks of destruction / death of the embryo before, during and after the implantation. Insurance against death of the unborn foal during pregnancy of the mare and the risk of death of the new born foal till 120 days after birth.

All you need to know

An embryo is the result of the successful fertilisation of a female ovum or egg and a male sperm cell. A veterinarian collects an ovum from the mare using the OPU (Ovum Pick Up) technique. Then a sperm cell is injected into the ovum under very strict conditions in a laboratory, using specialised microscopic techniques. After approximately 7 days, the success of this fertilisation is determined and if successful, the embryo is frozen to a temperature of -⁠197°C with liquid nitrogen.

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+32 485 568 573

+32 485 568 573