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In 2018, we set ourselves a goal: to breed exceptional showjumpers. Essentially that’s the goal that every breeder has, but we aimed high and started to figure out what all these top performers have in common. We ended up with 3 markers that most stars share: pure performance, the ability to pass on talent to the offspring, and depth of performance in the damline & family. With that knowledge in mind, we went straight to the source. To Stephan Conter, where we managed to find and buy the holy grail for many breeders. Goya, a young and direct daughter of the unsurpassed Usha van ’t Roosakker and sister of several 5* Grand Prix horses. At Jos Lansink’s, we found a daughter of Ta Belle van Sombeke – a sister of Glock’s London. The icing on the cake was Contara, the mother of Chacco-Blue. Our breeding project had been launched.

Macha is a goddess of the Irish mythology who is often depicted with a foal, symbolizing the importance of mares. She can now be seen as the protector of the mares in our care.

A new milestone for the project was the collaboration with the Devos Family, which led to the expansion of the collection to 36 mares. Each of the 36 matches the markers, some even score the maximum on all 3.

The project needed a name. A title that would emphasize the pivotal position of our mares. The mothers of future sport horses, our MoMs, our Mares of Macha. Macha is a goddess of the Irish mythology who is often depicted with a foal, symbolizing the importance of mares. She can now be seen as the protector of the mares in our care. The genes and talent of our mares are now available to every breeder.

The people & knowledge behind Mares of Macha

Pieter Devos

Pieter Devos

Pieter is an Olympic medallist, a 5* Grand Prix champion, a World Cup finalist and a European champion. Together with his team, he trains his Grand Prix horses himself. Being immersed in showjumping of the highest level, Pieter plays a crucial role in determining stallions for the MoMs and is the liaison between MoM owners who entrust us with their mares.

Klaas De Coster

Klaas De Coster

Before founding Mares of Macha, Klaas had already bred and produced his first 5* Grand Prix performer. He is the breeder of Kill Bill Max and produced the World Cup winning Valle d’Alezan van den Blauwaert of Abdullah Al Marri.

Martine Devos

Martine Devos

Martine is the breeder of numerous 5* Grand Prix horses. Her experience in breeding spans more than a decade and Martine had bred horses like Kriskras DV of Bart Bles en Carpe Diem DV Z of Pieter Devos. Her homebred horses are rarely sold before the age of 5 giving Martine all the insight of the development of a horse, from foal to Grand Prix winner.

Equine nec-plus-ultra, the home of our MoM’s

Breeding starts with the wellbeing of our MoMs.

Mares are the cornerstone of breeding. We keep our mares surrounded by the best care, in the vast and sunny fields of Northern Italy on a self-managed property. The mediterranean climate allows year round grazing and the large individual stables with spacious paddocks give our equine athletes the comfort they deserve.

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Our mares represent the current best performing showjumpers and their families. The talent of our mares and that of the world’s leading sires of sport horses are available for you.


Our prices and conditions are transparent and equal for everyone.


The ease of buying an embryo, the guaranteed pregnancy, the implantation, the transport: we guide you through a carefree buying and breeding experience with just a couple of simple steps.