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Imogen de Regor

Daughter of Centa de Muze, dam of Latisha & Mithras de Regor

Year of birth
166 cm
Black type
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Imogen de Regor


Imogen de Regor


Centa de Muze

Lugano van la Roche



Walloon de Muze


Nowadays, QerlyChin evokes very special memories for multiple generations. She is both known for her world-renowned performances with Christophe Barbeau, Reynald Angot and Timothee Anciaume and the outstanding performances by one of her many offspring in the international arena (of which seven jump at least in the 1.50m class).

One of those seven offspring is Walloon de Muze, the former 1.60m Grand Prix mare belonging to Michel Hecart who has also been a very successful broodmare. Walloon’s daughter, Daytona de Muze, competed with Jody Bosteels in the 1.60m class and her son, VIP de la Roque, was shown by Michel Hecart in the 1.50m class. Her daughter, sired by Kannan, MOM’s Toupie de la Roque (Pieter Devos), won the London Global in 2022. However, in this case it is Walloon’s first descendant, Centa de Muze who was the dam to Imogen de Regor.

Imogen, together with the American Callan Solem, achieved some fantastic results in the 1.45m class in places such as Wellington &Tryon. She again proves her worth as a broodmare with her three approved sons Mithras de Regor (1.60m), Olympic van ‘t Koningsbos and Picasso van ‘t Koningsbos. Moreover, her daughter, Latisha de Regor, also performed in the 1.55m class for many years ridden by Edwina Tops-Alexander. The fact that Imogen de Regor is also a half-sister of Grand Prix horses such as Freestyle de Muze (Richie Moloney), Horizon de Regor (Pieter Clemens) and Melia de Regor (Gregory Wathelet) gives a clear picture of the international success of this pedigree. And the addition of, the recently by Zangersheide approved Imogen’s half-brother, Toèmme de Regor, means that this pedigree will continue to be very popular among the youngest generation for many years to come.

Family & Performance


  • 1999 WALLOON DE MUZE (Nabab de Reve) 1.60m C. Bellanger

    • 2002 CENTA DE MUZE (Cento)

      • 2005 FREESTYLE DE MUZE (Lord Z) 1.60m R. Moloney

      • 2007 HORIZON DE REGOR (Obourg) 1.60m P. Clemens

      • 2008 EMS INRI DE REGOR (Lord Z) 1.50m J. Verlooy

      • 2008 IMOGEN DE REGOR (Darco) 1.45m C. Solem

      • 2010 KERLY DE REGOR (Darco) 1.50m S. Babes

      • 2012 MELIA DE REGOR (Elvis ter Putte) 1.50m M. Thiry

      • 2014 OLA KALA DE REGOR (Darco) 1.45m C. De Laet

      • 2014 OHAJ DE REGOR (Kannan) 1.45m P. Kenis

    • 2003 DAYTONA DE MUZE (Cento) 1.60m J. Bosteels

      • 2006 GIN ORANGE DE MUZE (Andiamo) 1.45m D. Bourgeot

      • 2010 KALISTO THE MUSIC (Darco) 1.50m F. Leivas Da Costa

    • 2007 MOM'S TOUPIE DE LA ROQUE (Kannan) 1.65m P. Devos

    • 2009 VIP DE LA ROQUE (Kannan) 1.50m M. Hecart

    • 2011 BADIANE DE LA ROQUE (Kannan) 1.50m M. Hecart


2011 LATISHA DE REGOR (Diamant de Semilly) 1.55m E. Tops-Alexander

2012 MITHRAS DE REGOR (Elvis ter Putte) 1.60m G. Beyers


4th American Gold Cup 2018 North Salem (USA) 1.45m

8th National ESP Holiday Finale Grand Prix 2020 Wellington (USA) 1.45m

9th CSI3* World Cup 2018 Wellington (USA) 1.45m

1st ESP New Years Grand Prix Wellington (USA) 1.40m


Latisha de Regor (Diamant de Semilly x Imogen de Regor)


Mithras de Regor (Elvis ter Putte x Imogen de Regor)


Imogen de Regor (©Sportfot)

Freestyle de Regor V

Freestyle de Muze (Lord Z x Centa de Muze) (©Sportfot)

Horizon de Regor V

Horizon de Regor (Obourg x Centa de Muze)

Melia de Regor V

Melia de Regor (Elvis ter Putte x Centa de Muze)


Imogen de Regor

Freestyle de Regor V
Horizon de Regor V
Melia de Regor V

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