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Pocahontas d'Amaury

Dam of Julien Epaillard’s 5*GP winner, Caracole de la Roque

Year of birth
169 cm
Black type
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Pocahontas d'Amaury


Pocahontas d'Amaury


Lily d'Amaury



Quick Star

Antinea III


Pocahontas d’ Amaury combines in her pedigree the golden genes of top sires Kannan, Quickstar and Quidam de Revel. The damline also has a significant list of top horses such as the 1.60m jumpers Quimono de la Roque, Uris de la Roque, Astuce de la Roque, Verone de la Roque and the 1.55m showjumper Boheme de la Roque.

Her full brother, Sherkan d’Amaury, performed at the highest level under the saddle of Kent Farrington. This duo succeeded to take the gold medal in the CSI5* 1.60m Grand Prix of Windsor.

In the French fields belonging to the Hécart family, Pocahontas gave birth to five foals of which no less than four compete successfully at international level. The best known is probably Caracole de la Roque, the brown mare of Julien Epaillard, who broke through at the highest level in 2022. This led to numerous wins and places of honour at 5* level.



  • 1988 ANTINEA III (Quidam de Revel)

    • 1995 HOCKEY BLEUS D'AMAURY (Oberon du Moulin) 1.50m J. Arias Cueva

    • 1999 LILY D'AMAURY (Quick Star)

      • 2003 POCAHONTAS D'AMAURY (Kannan)

      • 2006 SHERKAN D'AMAURY (Kannan) 1.60m K. Farrington

    • 2000 MEDINE D'AMAURY (Quick Star)

      • 2004 QUIMONO DE LA ROQUE (Kannan) 1.60m A. Schou

      • 2008 URIS DE LA ROQUE (Capital) 1.65m M. Deslauriers

      • 2009 VERONE DE LA ROQUE (Kannan) 1.60m H. Boisset

      • 2010 ASTUCE DE LA ROQUE (Kannan) 1.60m V. Bettendorf

      • 2011 BOHEME DE LA ROQUE (Kannan) 1.55m G. Debney

    • 2002 OLYMPIAS D'AMAURY (Lando)

      • 2006 SHIVA D'AMAURY (For Pleasure) 1.60m M. Billot


  • 2009 VERSATCHE DE LA ROQUE (Rasta du Soutrait) 1.50m M. Meroni

  • 2010 FUN DE LA ROQUE Z (For Hero de Hus) 1.45m M. Ruiz

  • 2012 CARACOLE DE LA ROQUE (Zandor Z) 1.65m J. Epaillard

  • 2013 DOODLE DE LA ROQUE (Rasta du Soutrait) 1.40m A. C. Gilbert

Caracole Herning 2022 V

Caracole de la Roque (Zandor Z x Pocahontas d´Amaury)

Fun de la Roque - VK (sportfot)

Fun de la Roque (For Hero de Hus x Pocahontas d'Amaury) (©Sportfot)

Caracole - Epaillard J-HERN22A21893 V2

Caracole de la Roque (Zandor Z x Pocahontas d´Amaury)

Sherkan d'Amaury - Farrington K (Antwerp) V

Sherkan d'Amaury (Kannan x Lily d'Amaury)

Boheme de la Roque - Oliva V

Boheme de la Roque (Kannan x Medine d'Amaury)


Pocahontas d'Amaury

Caracole Herning 2022 V
Fun de la Roque - VK (sportfot)
Caracole - Epaillard J-HERN22A21893 V2
Sherkan d'Amaury - Farrington K (Antwerp) V
Boheme de la Roque - Oliva V

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