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Mioko SCF

Full sister to the Olympic Derly Chin, daughter of the international performer Werly Chin and grand daughter of the great Querly Chin

This mare belongs to the Bronze category


Mioko SCF

For Pleasure

Furioso II


Werly Chin de Muze

Nabab de Rêve

Qerly Chin

Mioko SCF
Mioko SCF

1 – 4

Family & Performance

1993 QERLY CHIN (Chin Chin) 1m60 C. Barbeau
1996 MERVEILLE DE MUZE (Nabab de Reve) 1m60 T. Coyle
1997 NARCOTIQUE DE MUZE IV (Quidam de Revel) 1m50
1997 NARCOTIQUE DE MUZE II (Darco) 1m60 L. Philippaerts
2001 LORO PIANA BOYANTE DE MUZE (Kashmir v Schuttershof)
2005 SEA COAST FERLY (Calato Z) 1m60 G. Patteet
2006 GIOVANI DE LA POMME (Shindler de Muze) 1m60
1999 EXQUIS WALNUT DE MUZE (Nabab de Rêve) 1m60 H. Smolders
1999 WALLOON DE MUZE (Nabab de Rêve) 1m60
2007 TOUPIE DE LA ROQUE (Kannan) 1m65
1999 WERLY CHIN DE MUZE (Nabab de Rêve) 1m60 A. von Essen
2003 DIABLESSE DE MUZE (Baloubet du Rouet) 1m60 W. Whitaker
2003 DERLY CHIN DE MUZE (For Pleasure) 1m60 E. Lamaze
2009 JAPATERO VDM (Eldorado vd Zeshoek) 1m60 J. Verlooy
2010 KILLER QUEEN VDM (Eldorado vd Zeshoek) 1m65 D. Deusser
2010 KONTADOR VDM (Eldorado vd Zeshoek) 1m60 J. Verlooy
2004 EVERLYCHIN DE LA POMME (Malito de Reve) 1m60 S. Sweetnam
2010 KASANOVA DE LA POMME (Bamako de Muze) 1m50
2010 KIRSCHWASSER SCF (Amaretto d’Arco) 1m65 S. Sweetnam
2012 MIOKO SCF (For Pleasure)


Mioko SCF is the full sister to the Olympic contender Derly Chin de Muze of Eric Lamaze. Not only did that pair compete in the London Olympics, they also came 2nd in the Spruce Meadows World Cup, 3rd in the Wellington Nations Cup and 4th in the Antwerp 4* Grand Prix . Mioko is also a sister to the American-bred and Grand Prix winning Kirschwasser SCF of Shane Sweetnam, who also rode another sister, the phenomenal Everly Chin de la Pomme. Including Diablesse de Muze of Joe Clee, Mioko SCF has 4 siblings at 1.60m level and higher. Mioko’s full sister Derly Chin, is the dam to Killer Queen VDM, the multi Grand Prix winner of Daniel Deusser and of Japatero VDM of European Champion Jos Verlooy are multi-winners at 5* level. Also Juju VDM of Todd Minikus and Kontador VDM of Emma Stoker are direct offspring of Derly Chin.
Derly Chin herself is a daughter of the international 1.60m horse Werly Chin de Muze who is bred out of the legend that is Querly Chin. That makes dam Werly Chin a sister of 6 1.60m Grand Prix horses. Do not get us started on the number of 1.60m horses that those mares produced.

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